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The Ten Commandments of Roulette

Single-zero roulette has been around since 1843. Since that time, the game named "the little wheel" in French has captivated casino audiences with its hypnotic spinning wheel and relatively-low house edge.

Like any casino game, roulette has rules that govern the way it's played and the etiquette of its players. If you go in to a roulette game blind, you're likely to run into grumpy employees, grumpy bettors sitting at the table around you, and a streak of what can only be called bad luck. This bad luck may take the form of literally bad luck in the casino, or you could get thwacked on the back of the head by a disgruntled gambler or harried employee.

Learn the Ten Commandments of roulette play listed below and you're likely to enjoy yourself more. That's the point of playing games like roulette – to have a good time, and MAYBE (if you're really lucky) to win a little spending cash.



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